Band: Baaba Kulka
Songs: Wrathchild, Aces High, Genghis Khan, The Clairvoyant, Children of the Damned, The Number of the Beast
Date: 2009.03.24
Venue: Teatr Capitol, Wrocław, Poland
Audio: two MXL 603 microphones + Soundcraft Compact-4, captured with Audacity on Macbook Pro
Video: Canon HV30

Baaba Kulka is a cover band formed by members of the Baaba band and Gabriela Kulka as a tribute to Iron Maiden. Enjoy their unusual arrangements :-) I’m not sure if I should put the encore on Vimeo, probably only people who were there will have fun watching it. If you really really want it, let me know.
The full playlist from this concert:
Part 1: (duration 28m 21s)
01 at 00:04 Wrathchild
02 at 03:20 Aces High
03 at 07:54 Genghis Khan
04 at 13:02 The Clairvoyant
05 at 18:00 Children of the Damned
06 at 21:52 The Number of the Beast
Part 2: (duration 32m 22s)
07 at 00.05 Prodigal Son
08 at 05.45 Flight of the Icarus
09 at 09.05 Losfer Words
10 at 12.52 To Tame a Land
11 at 20.11 Still Life
12 at 25.25 Hallowed Be Thy Name
Part 3: in production?

The musicians are:
Gabriela Kulka – vocal, keyboard
Tomasz Duda – clarinet, flute, saxophone
Macio Moretti – drums
Bartosz Weber – guitar
Piotr Zabrodzki – bass guitar

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