Gabriela Kulka and Raalya


This song is from Gabriela’s last album “Out”. First 30 seconds is perfect explaination for the reasons I record concerts – to catch such moments :-)

Unrealeased yet song. Exclusive for Vimeo lurkers as it won’t be on the new album.

This song is from Gabriela’s last album “Out”. The visual part of this video is horrible, I know. But it’s my favourite Gaba’s song in polish :-)

A classic polish song from Hanka’s Ordonówna repertoire (she was famous polish singer and dancer during the interwar era). This version is with a little snag ;-)

Artist: Gabriela Kulka and Raalya trio
Song: Challenger
Date: 2009.02.23
Venue: Obiekt Znaleziony, Warsaw, Poland
Audio: two MXL 603 microphones, captured with Audacity on Macbook Pro
Video: Canon HV30

The musicians are:
Gabriela Kulka – keyboard, vocals
Piotr Aleksandrowicz – guitar
Kornel Jasiński – bass guitar
Robert Rasz – drums

More informations about
Gabriela Kulka: , ,
Hanka Ordonówna: (in polish),
the venue: ,
Zachęta Gallery:

The venue is rather large pub-like place in the basements of Zachęta – National Gallery of Art. Unfortunately the stage was in a small, very crowded room, hence the video is a bit shaky and the audio is quite noisy. Anyways, enjoy :-)