The first and the second part of their concert in club Hydrozagadka. They played for ~50 people for over 2 hours! Respect guys, you deserve a real crowd :) Enjoy!

Band: Perkalaba
Song: 220
Date: 2009.04.10
Venue: Hydrozagadka, Warsaw, Poland
Audio: two MXL 603 microphones, captured with Audacity on Macbook Pro
Video: Canon HV30

An excerpt from their concert in Hydrozagadka.
Larger parts:
1/5 –
2/5 –
3/5 – in production?
4/5 – in production?
5/5 – in production?

The musicians are:
Andriy Fedotov – vocals
Viktor Novozhylov – guitar
Igor Shurgot – bass
Volodymir Shoturma – cymbals
Seroha Shvayuk – trumpet
Victor Stepanyuk – trombone
Ihorko Rymyk – drums
Oleh Hnativ – producer and management

More informations about
Perkalaba: (en, pl, ua)
the venue: (pl)